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After sitting down for a while or something. Stand up and kind of roll your Halloween shirt back a bit with your arms to the side but slightly behind you and your sternum kind of pointing out. While going into this motion, breathe in. Tilt your head up a bit. Whatever feels comfortable. Deep breath out and pull your shoulders and arms down while poking your sternum out a bit more. Releasing your breath helps you stretch a bit more so you can pop your sternum. This is how I do it and it usually works every time but I can’t do it that often like maybe a few times a day.

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Halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Halloween tank top
Tank top

Mine will crack just like a knuckle or other joint. I didn’t think a doctor would give heart surgery just so you could feel your sternum Halloween shirt. That’s rather invasive. Thinking there had to be another medical reason for heart surgery that often. Not to mention he would be under sedation so how would he feel the popping of the sternum? I felt stiff in my chest and back so I did that stretch where u join your hands above your head and stretch as high and as far back as you can…. and then POP. It was honestly quite scary for me. I have a joint condition so I was worried something had dislocated. But now my sternum pops all the time.

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Halloween long sleeve
Long sleeve
Halloween woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Yes, this happens to me sometimes. I don’t think it’s the sternum itself that hurts, but the muscles in the middle of the chest. It’s like they are cramping. This usually happens to me when I do a chest workout after an extended absence from the Halloween shirt. I’ve been assuming it’s because I overworked the muscle and maybe strained it, but I don’t know. I had to bump up to wrestle a dude almost a hundred pounds heavier than me, and my sternum popped and I did not get this nice feeling it hurt quite a bit I’d like a refund.

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Halloween sweater
Halloween hoodie

I was going to immediately downvote you and say the best feeling is when you can twist left, crack half your Trending shirt, and then twist right and get the rest, but then i thought about it and its great when you get that big yawn, realize you need to crack your sternum, stretch more like a cat, and just manage to get that pop. Sometimes I need to, at times it feels like I’m being pinched from there and it can get pretty unpleasant until I manage to find the right position to crack it, which can result in a sharp pain than feeling better.


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