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If I understand the Dutch system properly, you have a government mandated system wherein everyone has health insurance and they pay something like €120 out of pocket each month? It’s funded by the state through taxes but managed by private Halloween Nurse Shirt, right? All Obamacare does is force people to buy insurance from a private company and tells private companies that they can’t turn people away for pre-existing conditions. I mean, it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the crux of it.

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n the US the government doesn’t manage it. For working people, it isn’t funded through Halloween Nurse Shirt. The government doesn’t set price controls. And in fact, there are none, so insurance companies, drug companies, and hospitals can charge literally whatever they want. And so tens of millions of people in the US are uninsured because they can’t afford this system, and tens of millions more are effectively uninsured because they can’t afford to use the insurance they have most of the time when they get sick. As far as I can tell, other than the involvement of a private company somewhere in the process in some capacity, there are no similarities between the Dutch system and Obamacare.

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Obamacare is just a joke. It took America’s insane healthcare system, fixed hardly any of the structural problems, and made everyone buy into it. Your understanding of the Dutch healthcare system is wrong. It’s like the ACA system in that people are required to purchase insurance from private insurers. If you have a low income you’ll get a subsidy to pay for this Halloween Nurse Shirt. I’d argue that the failings of the ACA are more the result of the watered down version that got implemented thanks to sabotage by Joe Lieberman and the GOP. Still, it’s better than the system that came before it.

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The general principle is indeed the same. I even think US policymakers talked about how the ACA was partially inspired by the Dutch system. But underneath the surface, there are some pretty big differences that have made the system less Trending shirt. For example in the Netherlands all the private health insurance companies are forced to be in a risk pool and rates for medical procedures are set by the government in coordination with hospitals and insurance companies. Still though in the Netherlands as well health costs are rising for a large part thanks to pharmaceutical companies, (consolidated) insurance companies also play a big role pushing for more expensive insurance while sitting on large cash reserves. The aging population doesnt help either.


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