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Michael went specifically looking for Laurie to get revenge in Halloween H20 after she went into hiding for 20 years because she was severely terrified of him, now the writers have retconned that movie and turned that storyline completely upside down by having a hard as nails, paranoid Laurie who actually wants Michael to escape so she can kill him off for Halloween is coming shirt. And to make it as different as possible from H20 it would be a really smart choice to have Michael escape just so he can come home to kill on his favorite night of the year, then once Laurie hears about the escape she becomes the one that starts the pursuit, so now Laurie is the one hunting Michael and not the other way around.

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The thing is, he is not after Laurie in this movie. They have erased the relationship so Michael is back to what he was in the first Halloween is coming shirt a mindless killing machine. This is why you see the long shot of him just randomly going into people’s houses and killing them. In this film, it’s more like Laurie is after him because she knew he would be back one day. Or the cop is going to be the bad guy, he breaks Michael out to kill Laurie for some reason and Michael saves Laurie by killing the cop at the last minute.

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Fairly high. But, if this movie does well, then a lot more people will take McBride more seriously as a Halloween is coming shirt. A full-on slasher revival, and also a true revival of Michael Myers. Hell if it does well, then I’m sure he can do Jason Voorhees justice or Freddy Krueger. It’s the start of the Blumhouse revival of 80’s horror icons. End their films correctly, and create the new horror icons. Comedy and horror are – from a structural standpoint – extremely similar in their writing. They both rely more on timing than the actual content. A well-timed out moment of suspense led to a scare-climax can almost visually be compared exactly to a well-timed out joke leading to a punchline.

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I gotta admit, the name Danny McBride was immediately what I latched onto with Trending shirt. I was like, “THE Danny McBride? That guy with the crazy hair who always plays an asshole in Seth Rogen comedies? The guy from The Foot Fist Way?” Between him doing this and having a serious role in Alien Covenant, it’s a huge 180 on his career. Or maybe he got tired of being typecast as the asshole you root for something bad happening to in comedies.


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