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Another thing to consider is in the 80s tech wasn’t as advanced. It was easier to scare, the whole cell phones becoming an increasingly large plot hole in horrors is a huge red flag of the phenomenon. Nowadays people have cell Halloween Flamingo shirt, alarm systems, house cameras, dash cams, go pros, automated lights, Hell there’s been automated houses and such. Showing Michael unbothered by these things and showing him maneuvering smoothly and coolly through this modern “safe” world reinstates that fear. It’s a subtle exposition less way of showing the audience “we’ve changed but it’s not enough to stop him.”

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And that idea reinforces the whole arc it seems Danny is taking Jamie’s character on. She’s been training and waiting and pining for vengeance but will it be enough? I was worried after seeing McBride’s name attached but good lord I am pumped for this Halloween Flamingo shirt. The atmosphere is incredible, the long shots make it seem like it’s an older movie than it is. Just everything about the trailers released so far makes it seem like this is a passion project from them and not just a cash grab.

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It feels like the perfect technique to lift from Rosenthal’s Halloween II, which also has a long shot following Michael Halloween Flamingo shirt. The reversal of knowing exactly where the Shape is while others helplessly walk into the next room or don’t turn around at the right time is as disturbing as having no idea where he is. There’s an episode of mr robot thats 40 some minutes long and is presented to look like a single take. obviously, that’s not true but they did have extremely long takes and then spliced them together using cool tricks. you should check it out.

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This is a trope I really like in movies and television Trending shirt. A brutal killer who should stand out of the crowd, cleverly disguised as a common man. No one knows what he’ll do next, but they have no way of knowing who he is. I love that there are five goddamn different timelines for Halloween and this is the second time they’ve made a film about Lorrie getting revenge on Michael decades later that ignores the previous films. They should do this more often. Make multiple sequels and multiple timelines for hit movies. They could even release movies from both timelines simultaneously. Just make it clear with the title which timeline you’re seeing. Fans could choose to be on team badass Laurie or team victim Laurie.


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