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It really pisses me off when people glamorize the 1970s in Iran or overplay how modern it was Gold dragon shirt. I think there is a lot of selection bias here, as it was mostly rich Iranians who fled the country in the first place, so of course, their memories will be of a nicer place. My aunt has been living in the US for over 3 decades and she still sleeps with the covers over her head and just leaves a little hole for her to breathe out of.

Gold dragon shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Gold dragon ladies tee
Ladies tee
Gold dragon tank top
Tank top

I asked her about it one day and she said she’s gotten used to it because back in the day every time Gold dragon shirt or gunfire would go off they would all rush under the beds and cover themselves. Like when? Iraq was under authoritarian rule by Saddam in this photo and Iran was under the worst income inequality in nearly the entire world and a super authoritarian regime under the Shah. Both countries were terrible, horrible places in the 1970s. A few pictures of the top 2% of people by wealth in miniskirts should not give you an idea of the entire country.

Gold dragon hoodie and sweater 

Gold dragon sweater
Gold dragon hoodie
Gold dragon hoodie

By and large, Iraq is less religious overall than it was in the 60s and 70s. I mean who could have possibly expected our support for the Gold dragon shirt regime would result in its radical religious sect spreading to more mosques worldwide than any other competitor and then seeing those practitioners engage in their religious doctrine by declaring war on all non-ethnic Arab nonsunny Salafist Wahhabist lead societies worldwide? Who could have expected that!


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