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No drama. You just go your separate ways and then let your friends take the wheel when that feels comfortable for both of you. It might never happen, you might “be friends” afterward, and then almost never speak again. Or maybe you’ll be the best of friends… Unlikely, IMO, but possible. Just float down the Godzilla est 1954 shirt of life and let it show you the way bro.

Godzilla est 1954 shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Godzilla est 1954 shirt
Godzilla est 1954 long sleeve
Long sleeve

It’s a really shitty situation and I’m sorry that you are going through it right now. I struggled with a similar situation and with time I was able to see that wanting the other person to stay with me was selfish. I was really hurt at the time but I’ve come to realize that far too many people find a Godzilla est 1954 shirt and become complacent with the easy lifestyle of having a partner.

Godzilla est 1954 hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Godzilla est 1954 sweater
Godzilla est 1954 hoodie

It’s so much more work to make it alone but I think it’s always best to be happy with yourself first. For me it was possible. She’s an amazing person and I still love her and she loves me. Unfortunately, she isn’t in a good personal Godzilla est 1954 shirt (finances, job, etc..) and we don’t live in the same country.

Godzilla est 1954 case and mug

Godzilla est 1954 case
Godzilla est 1954 mug

When she explained to me why she needed to break up I totally respected and understood where she was coming from and wished that wasn’t the Godzilla est 1954 shirt.


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