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When I was in 3rd grade (I think), I was running in the hallway at school at the break between classes. As I was running I turned around the corner and my classmate just so happened to be running too. As expected, we ran into each other which resulted in me breaking my nose and needing to get surgery to fix it while nothing serious happened to my classmate. Similarly, in Gift Halloween Bulldog shirt, I was swinging between two desks with my arms, as many stupid kids do. I swung too far forward and fell to the floor face first, and bloodied my nose. Unknowingly I actually broke it, due to the floor being the super-thin carpet with cement underneath, and only realized it as I grew up with a deviated septum.

Gift Halloween Bulldog shirt with 100% cotton

Gift Halloween Bulldog ladies tee
Ladies tee
Gift Halloween Bulldog tank top
Tank top

Sure, but– and I say this knowing I know absolutely nothing about you or how you were raised– I wonder if maybe your parents weren’t a little overbearing. You tell me– was it a case of you just being stupid, or did your parents overreact to things a lot which caused you to hide things you shouldn’t have needed to? My dad bought me a swiss army Gift Halloween Bulldog shirt, as I was checking out one of its many blades a bee landed on my lap and I instinctively freaked out and stabbed myself.

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Gift Halloween Bulldog long sleeve
Long sleeve
Gift Halloween Bulldog woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

I was trying to catch bugs in a fairly hard plastic bottle about 10cm in diameter. I was trying to be kind and cut holes so the bugs could breathe but decided a knife would be the perfect tool. Held one side of the bottle with my left open palm and swung down with my right hand unsurprisingly stabbing right through into the space between my index and thumb. My Gift Halloween Bulldog shirt was unsympathetic (he was annoyed that I’d rather sit in the house than do manly work outside) and told me not be such a wuss despite my hand literally bleeding all over the place.

Gift Halloween Bulldog shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Gift Halloween Bulldog sweater
Gift Halloween Bulldog hoodie

I was bought a mini leatherman for my birthday and we were playing hide and seek for the Trending shirt. She hid in the dryer, and as the smart 7-year old I was I pulled my 1″ knife out in order to threaten the person not to tag me. I cut myself in the dryer, but it was a new sharp knife so I didn’t realize it. When they found my I had blood dripping down my hand. It must have been a neat image.


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