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Roughly 80% of responses ignored my question completely and berated me for not using the Ghosts Castle happy halloween shirt saying this may happen because I don’t know any better. I am an extremely tolerant person who just wanted to know more about trans people for the sake of not accidentally offending anyone, and now I’m so afraid of offending trans people that I’m pretty likely to just not say anything in their presence ever again. The thing is the included “politely”.

Ghosts Castle happy halloween shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Ghosts Castle happy halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Ghosts Castle happy halloween tank top
Tank top

I can ask a question that seems genuine to me, but inadvertently include something offensive because I quite simply know next to nothing about trans people. And therein lies the issue. You have the reasonable expectation of people being respectful. People (not Ghosts Castle happy halloween shirt) get frustrated when an outsider understand the customs and norms of their culture. Unfortunately, in this case, common mistakes made by genuinely nice people unknowingly coincide with the subtle ways hateful people have tried to undermine and harass trans people (I.E. intentionally misgendering).

Ghosts Castle happy halloween hoodie and sweater 

Ghosts Castle happy halloween hoodie
Ghosts Castle happy halloween sweater

Usually, the response on behalf of the trans person is to go on the Ghosts Castle happy halloween shirt. I’ve had to distance myself from someone I knew who was biologically female and presented as female and had a female name but absolutely lost her shit every time a stranger used she pronouns because they identified as nonbinary. People don’t know about you being non-binary and you present yourself as female, and you know society will look at you as a female, don’t be shocked when you’re referred to as female.


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