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Society, in general, does want to improve and be more accepting of the Ghost happy halloween shirt community, but if the community does nothing but be bitter and act offended all the time because they were looked at the wrong way, it hurts the cause more than it helps it. Honestly, they should be happy if new people remember even 50% of the time. During a casual conversation, it’s just not a likely thing to think about when constructing the sentence.

Ghost happy halloween shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Ghost happy halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Ghost happy halloween tank top
Tank top

Sure, over time you’d expect people to get better but it’s going to be a forever thing for trans unless their Ghost happy halloween shirt appearance really sells it. Literally the exact same for me. We weren’t close but it’s just exhausting tbh. And I am very much in favor of everything to be nice to people ie light, minority, etc rights (my name is a joke from half baked). But like she acts like if she told people once and they do it again like she’s upset and like mad at the person.

Ghost happy halloween hoodie and sweater 

Ghost happy halloween hoodie
Ghost happy halloween sweater

I get it if it’s like he/she but saying they them is weird for your brain. Frustrating to say the Ghost happy halloween shirt. Honestly, the people that jump to be offended make it so difficult to be supportive of entire communities like that and it’s not even because of the trans part but it’s because they’re such big assholes that it’s easier to ignore and not participate than it is to be supportive and risk being incorrectly supportive. I’m bisexual and I sometimes, refuse to associate my self with most of the LGBT community.


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