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A lot of them are just toxic and surprisingly intolerant sometimes. If you honestly get that Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen shirt by a joke then just get off the internet and never come back. So much this. When I first “came out” as bisexual I got so much hate for “just being confused/you haven’t been bisexual long enough to call yourself one/ ‘real lesbians’ have it worse” etc. I had been a closet bisexual for years, if not most of my life. I grew up super religious and thought the LGBT community would be supportive of my coming out. One lesbian actually bullied me to tears in college- I wasn’t “alternative” enough to fit her ideas and she thought I hadn’t been through enough hardships to “justify coming out”.

Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen ladies tee
Ladies tee
Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen tank top
Tank top

In the last few years, I have found a label that is a better fit. This particular label/group of people gets even Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen shirt hate from the LGBTQ community so I’ve just said screw it and keep it to myself for the most part. And another gem- My husband is a very athletic handsome looking type, and I am a short haired “butch” looking, non-binary person. Strangers have actually approached us and commented things along the lines of “a lesbian shouldn’t marry such a handsome dude.

Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen hoodie and sweater 

Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen hoodie
Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen sweater

Because we (meaning themselves) deserve him more” (love how they assume he is straight) or alternatively assume I am a lesbian and he is “holding me against my Ghost Castle Happy Hallowen shirt will and not letting me go be my TRUE self”. I just wish they would mind their own business, shit gets so old. holy shit this is awful. I have such imposter syndrome in the LGBT+ community as a bi female married to a straight male. thankfully I haven’t gotten shit for it but I tend to keep it to myself. you are valid though and I hope people let you live your damn life in peace.


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