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Because of these things and others, it would be a very bad idea to completely disrupt what small amount of peace we have by contacting social services. I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with them but the process is long and slow, and we would be completely burning our bridge with the family by doing so. It’s easy to say that we ought to contact social Friends horror movie creepy halloween shirt when you don’t live this, and you don’t know the minutiae of what’s going on. I don’t mean to sound flippant or dismissive of your advice but try to understand that it would make this situation much worse if we did this ASAP as you suggested.

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This takes tact, and careful planning along with building a trail of Friends horror movie creepy halloween shirt. It’s something we’ve discussed as a necessary course of action should things continue on or get worse. This may not be abuse for a normally abled person but for a disabled person, this is abuse. Treating someone with 0 deference for their disability is discriminative and just shitty. We have systems to allow for equal access to life activities. Sounds like her family isn’t giving her the opportunity to live her life to the fullest or to be happy and that’s just wrong imo. Source, am disabled and do shit to the best of my ability

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Currently dealing with a serious illness. Before, I had a great social life and people wanted to be around me daily. Now, crickets. Extreme amounts of prednisone makes you ugly as well. Appearance isn’t important until you realize just how important it really is. I’m battling illness too, a rare infection that causes some neurological issues (mostly headaches and some Friends horror movie creepy halloween shirt). I look fine on the outside so everyone assumes I am. Some people are very supportive, others aren’t. Strangely, I’ve found people are MORE supportive when I’m doing alright, and less so when I feel really poor. I guess it’s easier for them to empathize with now that I’m pretty functional. I hope you improve soon.

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Friends horror movie creepy halloween hoodie
Friends horror movie creepy halloween sweater

If you want to see a microcosm of this, check out a movie called the Trending shirt. How they treat the sick and hurt while trying to live out their utopia. It’s opened my eyes to the reality of being a man. Nobody cares about you unless they can get something out of you, and if you’re sick that’s almost nothing. Best of luck to you.


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