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Kelly’s Donuts and Burgers? Uh uh, nope. I used to eat at the Huntington Beach location in high school and let me tell you something, they always cheated you on the salsa. Even if you ask for extra it was an almost non-existent amount. Their burritos are okay but are far from great, especially with the salsa skimpiness. That list is pretty terrible. Using the most reviewed yelp locations is an awful way to go about it and having Flag fish shirt on that list is all the more proof.

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How are you going to have a Best Burrito competition with only two places from L.A. included? The reason they are less reviewed is that there is higher competition than in O.C. I don’t have the Flag fish shirt handy but I saw a list of best breakfast burritos in Long Beach and they had two spots for Seal Beach listed… sorry, I’m not much help, but a list does exist for breakfast burritos, there was like 20 spots listed. Speaking of burritos.

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I fucking bought these random.frozen burritos that are called like reds or something. Same names as the apple cider booze but not the same company. Anyways fucking amazing best burrito I’ve had in a long time and that goes for frozen or regular. Blew my mind. This makes the rumors of Merlin’s attempt to buy the Busch Parks more surprising. This is like the smaller fish eating the bigger fish from the inside – I know the Legolands were Merlin’s most profitable resorts, but it’s still crazy that Lego is interested in running theme parks like this.

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I have no idea if this will be good in the long run, but a little cash injection is never a bad thing. If Busch sells to anyone I hope its Herschend because they are less likely to f**k shit up and let the park be. Six Flags would make it an advertising Flag fish shirt, and having Lego involved would probably change the focus to doing more family things.


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