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This reminds me of my cousin who is way older than me. This was back then when electricity gets cut off consistently every night on our part of town and most of the houses are made out of wood. People also use mosquito nets for beds, apparently, a mosquito went inside my cousin’s net. He tirelessly tried to swat the mosquito and try to shoo First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins shirt away. He got fed up with it and came up with an idea, he went out of the mosquito net then threw a candle inside to kill the mosquito. Their whole house went into flames. When they were all outside with their things, my cousin just went and said, “the mosquito is dead now”.

First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins shirt with 100% cotton

First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins ladies tee
Ladies tee
First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins tank top
Tank top

I was sharpening a stick and my dad had just walked away after reminding me over and over to be careful and cut away from my fingers, not towards. Well in my silly 8-year-old brain, I decided I had better control when cutting toward First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins shirt. And promptly slipped and chopped into my left index finger. I didn’t feel any pain at first, actually, I didn’t even notice anything was wrong until I felt blood dripping down my arm. Then in my next stroke of genius, I tried to wipe the blood away on my white T-shirt. So when I walked back to my dad, shirt covered in blood and blood dripping from my hand, he was appropriately freaked out.

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First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins long sleeve
Long sleeve
First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Keep in mind, it still didn’t hurt at all. In fact it only barely started to sting a little as we got to the ER. Some stitches and a small brace (apparently I cut pretty deep) later, it was all good. I did the same thing, except with a lit butane torch. I was about to activate a heat shrink when I was putting in my dad’s well pump. bug landed on my arm, and I still have the burn First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins shirt. Have a scar on the inner part of my thigh from riding a bicycle. Idk exactly how, but I fell and the bike ripped my inner thigh to fuck. Blood was everywhere, had to get stitches. When they were doing that, I saw chunks of my flesh being pulled off from the needles.

First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins sweater
First Grade Teacher Cutest Pumpkins hoodie

I remember being on the gurney in the hallway, cos the bitchass hospital didnt have rooms, and my dumbass had the habit of wearing shorts without boxers, so I felt extra uncomfortable and weird. I was lying there, and I was scared Trending shirt. I touched the outer part of the gash wound, and I felt flesh. The doctor said cause I was chubby, my thick thighs saved me from getting my leg chopped off. Better yet, it saved me from getting my dick chopped off too.


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