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Most likely Clogs in the pipe from corrosion or sediment settling in the Firefighter shirt. The fluid is most likely mercury or something that expands massively at hot temperatures properties don’t change unless it slowly oxidizes or the material deteriorates and makes a new heat tolerate compound which would take much longer. Only very old systems, most are now pressurized with air and only pump water once the air pressure drop from one opening is detected. Once it’s finished spraying water even for a test the water is purged using air again AFAIK

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Firefighter ladies tee
Ladies tee
Firefighter tank top
Tank top

Older heads, and some specialized heads like ESFR, have a linkage Firefighter shirt where the solder holding the links together will melt at a given temperature and deploy. The heads installed in a building have to be destructively tested by the NFPA every 50 years I believe to make sure it’s response time holds true. So they pull a certain number of heads according to how many are in the building and they put them in a fancy chamber that will test their breaking temperature and the response time as some types are designed to break faster.

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Firefighter long sleeve
Long sleeve
Firefighter woman hoodie
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They should put a couple of bottles of 99% isopropyl alcohol in the water to kill Firefighter shirt. Where I live it’s ok to just use water as car wiper fluid as its always hot throughout the year but one day a few years back when I sprayed my windshield it was all green blackish fluids since I haven’t used it in a while. Had to clean the gunk out the reservoir, then I just added water and some 99% isopropyl alcohol and no longer have that problem since I’ve had yet to use up all the fluids. Not necessarily true. Where I work those pipes are filled with air until they are set off, and then the water starts to pump in.

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Firefighter sweater
Firefighter hoodie

The water will have rust but it will fill with clear water depending on the system. The system has to be flushed yearly and pressure tested with air for leaks. The water is flushed to keep the sprinkler heads clear of clogging from Trending shirt. The test is done in sections so as not to take the whole system offline. The day I picked up my wedding dress, they strongly cautioned me NOT to hang it anywhere in the hotel room that could break- curtain rod, shower curtain, sprinkler pipe.. apparently the day before, a girl had hung hers on a sprinkler pipe for pictures and the pipe broke, soaking everything (dress included) in black water.


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