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I had to take an 8-hour food handlers course just to flip burgers, but my brother bought two high powered rifles with just an Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween shirt. Hairdressers even have to take courses and pass competency, but weapons of death? Nah just hand them out like candy to the lowest rung of society. I doubt any meaningful legislation will ever be put in effect. Any laws on guns will be seen as an infringement of the second amendment by the vocal gun people. Even common sense laws like a red flag, gun licenses, safe storage, etc.. And on the other, there is straight-up gun confiscation and bans. Not a lot in the middle.

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Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween tank top
Tank top

Licensing for a right and non-mandated training at your job are two very different things, I don’t think this comparison really works. There is no federal law mandating food safety training unless I’ve missed a recent Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween shirt. Basic firearm handling and storage should be taught in high schools. Not operating, so no loading, shooting, or cleaning. But every kid that grows up in America should learn basically how to deal with one if they find one. We teach high schoolers about civics, criminal justice, health, and all sorts of things. Inasmuch as guns are unavoidably a thing in America we should be teaching the basics about them too.

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Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween long sleeve
Long sleeve
Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

As a responsible gun owner (I store my guns in a safe, Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween shirt, and the safe is never opened when kids are in the room), that’s one part of the problem. Laws need to be implemented to back this up as well. Washington’s safe storage law, expanded background checks, closing the gun show loophole, a ban on high-capacity magazines… none of these need to be controversial. They all make sense. But hey, gotta ban flavored vaping liquids because six people died from illicit thc cartridges.

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Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween sweater
Firefighter Pumpkin Face Halloween hoodie

Different gun owners, only if the requirement isnt used as a tool to deny ownership. “Oh yes, here in California you can own a gun after taking a simple safety course mandated by the state, run by the Trending shirt! Oh sorry, there are currently no offerings. Stay tuned! We offer a 30 seat course once a year!” There are always suspect ways of subversive control and rights denial in these types of proposals in many instances, which is why “reasonable gun control” always seems unreasonable to 2A proponents.


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