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1 school night it’s like 3 in the Fire heart on ice shirt and I’m playing search and destroy with my friends. We get put into a lobby with a whole clan and they start talking ungodly amounts of shit. Here I am in my undies, middle of the night and yelling all kinds of shit back at them. I just remember us winning and us rubbing it in the noses while we watch as they all leave the lobby 1 by 1. Mass Effect is my favorite game trilogy of all time, and I’d probably consider later playthroughs closer to my “canon” story (in which Garrus and Wrex were my ride or die), but nothing will ever top that first visit to Virmire. Wrex almost flipping sides, shit getting real with Sovereign, Ashley dying and facing off with Saren.

Fire heart on ice shirt, tank top and youth tee

Fire heart on ice ladies tee
Ladies tee
Fire heart on ice tank top
Tank top

I would say the days I and my friends played through the entirety of Fire heart on ice shirt 2. I honestly would never play through the game alone, as it isn’t really my type of game. But honestly… Probably some of the best memories I have gaming is me finding a huge rock, climbing on top of it, and singing “the circle of life” as all 4 of us fought to stay on top of the rock using vehicles. We kept trying and trying to push each other off. It wasn’t a memorable moment because of the game, or the setting.

Fire heart on ice hoodie and sweater

Fire heart on ice hoodie
Fire heart on ice sweater

It was memorable because it was just plain dumb fun with my friends, and I’ll always remember that Fire heart on ice shirt. Getting my first (and only) nuke on MW2 multiplayer. I was in 5th grade at the time and I made this whole plan with where to camp/run around at to keep myself as safe as possible, along with using the heartbeat sensor to know when people were coming after me.


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