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This is what happened with my ex’s parents. The mom had electroshock Ending soon shirt, like A LOT of it. I had never heard of someone going to it for almost a year. But anyway, it can put you in a fog for a while & because she got it so often, she was in a constant fog for over a year. She’d forget to be pepper to the dinner table & he would just start screaming at her, calling her stupid & things like that. It was so infuriating to watch. I hope it gets better for you. Nobody deserves what you’re going through. I’ll keep you in my thoughts, for whatever that’s worth. PM me if you ever just need somebody to talk to or vent.

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Basically, she had a reaction to medication she was using to get pregnant with my girlfriend’s little sister. The reaction caused her to develop a brain tumor that needed to be removed with Ending soon shirt. I guess my earlier explanation was a little vague. They didn’t actually remove a chunk of her brain, just the tumor, and some affected areas. It caused her to have frontal lobe dementia which is how she got to the state she’s currently in. It’s degenerative, from my understanding.

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I agree that the situation is sad, but there’s another side to it as well, as her family ended up being her default permanent carers for decades now. Compassion fatigue is a real thing in itself and I wonder if these peoples were sat down and talked with seriously would ALSO agree that they don’t treat her right but are dealing with issues of their Ending soon shirt. This may not be the case, but I suspect if you evaluate their lives from their perspective then possibly they are not receiving what they need to be happy in life either. These days we are becoming increasingly aware of the need to support the carers themselves.

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I really wish it was that cut and dry. My girlfriend’s dad just underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor and double shoulder Trending shirt, and as a result his own personality has been pretty altered. He doesn’t live here with us now, which is why my girlfriend and I moved in to look after her mom when the caretaker isn’t here. It doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it creates a difficult situation when it comes to fixing this. Her sister, the one that treats their mother like she’s subhuman, lives in Chicago and visits once a month.


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