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White Americans have a hard time leaving their parents’ communities due to the financial crisis, and it’s even worse for black Americans. (Not fighting just shedding light on the aforementioned present day Ellis Fahrengart shirt that makes it difficult for black Americans to move into white neighborhoods. All of that is relatively recent though.

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The fact is within a Ellis Fahrengart shirt or two, black Americans were legally oppressed by law and held back significantly from being able to succeed. Even if you ignore the vast amounts of racism that still existed and impacted communities of color after Jim Crow laws were done, black Americans have had significantly less time to build up wealth than white Americans.

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Ellis Fahrengart hoodie

That’s one of the biggest factors in success in life. The things you listed are a start to repair that but are nowhere near close to getting the Ellis Fahrengart shirt done. So yea black Americans being mad at white people individually is unfair, but being upset and not forgiving a system that still holds them back now and held back their ancestors, thus preventing them from building wealth to be passed down is pretty fair.

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But why should I, an American who isn’t part of, or never partook in these thoughts or actions, be expected to apologize or pay Ellis Fahrengart shirt? Maybe it is my social/ethical responsibility to help society move forward and stop injustices against black people, but even then, it should by no means be obligatory.


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