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Life expectancy has increased now because infant mortality rates have decreased. That doesn’t Dragon symbol shirt life itself got better for the country today. And yeah, life in modernizing Kabul was better than life in a village in the middle of the country and most of Afghanistan, but at least kids had a palpable chance of one day making it to Kabul and making something out of themselves…steering themselves and their families out of the hard, unforgiving way of life in a faraway village. Those kids were the country’s future.

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A generation that could transform Afghanistan. My grandmother was one of them. You had the chance to go to a great university, freely buy alcohol, party, discard your hijab, and dress freely. Not just reserved for the elite. Couldn’t get that elsewhere in most of Afghanistan. Certainly can’t get that now. This was an Dragon symbol shirt that was both rapidly and gradually moving in the direction of progress. Not an Afghanistan of today plagued by terrorism, destruction, extreme corruption, and set back at least 100 years.

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Dragon symbol sweater
Dragon symbol hoodie
Dragon symbol hoodie


This is an even greater inhospitable, unforgiving land than it was before and man is it going to be harder to recover from this than the Dragon symbol shirt of a blank slate it was in the past. It’s a country more divided than ever. Yes! Holy shit thank you. My parents are from Iran but when I showed them the photo album of all of the people dressed in western clothes they just laughed. The country overall was absolutely nothing like that. They said when they went back to the country throughout the 2000s they were shocked at how much nicer and more modern it was, the area they grew up in was a literal shantytown, and was now modern apartments everywhere.


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