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So I saved Arcadia Bay and then cried for hours. She came home and just held me until I could explain why I was crying. I realized that “Because you’re not dead” wasn’t going to be enough as soon as I got that look – anyone in a relationship knows that Diablob III boss shirt¬†quizzical look needs a quick reply or your partner’s going to be unhappy. I played that episode shortly after one of my friends had attempted suicide, so that scene had me on edge from the start. I’ll never forget the sheer panic of fucking up that first time and I can’t rewind so I slammed my escape key so hard I almost broke my keyboard. Had to quit the game for a while and do something else until I calmed down.

Diablob III boss shirt, tank top and youth tee

Diablob III boss ladies tee
Ladies tee
Diablob III boss tank top
Tank top

It’s unfortunate it didn’t get the praise it deserved when it was released (the criticisms were what took me so long to getting around to play it) & I’m physically upset with myself that I didn’t go for it like I had originally planned. It really pulls no punches &, if you take your time and absorb Diablob III boss shirt, will leave you an existential pile of jelly contemplating some of the hardest questions that can be asked of what it means to be human.

Diablob III boss hoodie and sweater

Diablob III boss hoodie
Diablob III boss sweater

I was playing Mass Effect for the first time in a rich friend’s movie theater. We took a break to go eat dinner. I have an allergic Diablob III boss shirt and my throat starts swelling shut because of something in the food. My rich friend’s dad is a doctor and gives me allergy steroids in pill form (yes I had an EpiPen for worst case scenario). We go back to playing Mass Effect in the movie theater and I forget all about it (throat still funky) then the steroids kicked in… Best gaming ever.


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