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We don’t talk about responsible cooks/knife owners. Accidents can happen despite people being superbly prepared and responsible. That’s what makes the accidents. Nobody plans for those to happen. You can be a responsible gun owner all your life and one forgetful moment can still cause a tragedy. When you use “responsible gun Dead pancreas society shirt” as the default assumption (instead of fallible human beings) then you are asking for perfect humans (that don’t exist).

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There’s a reason why people need extensive training and licenses to use Dead pancreas society shirt (and they need insurance), and why we have other minimum standards (eyesight, first aid training,…). Those are dangerous tools and you can lose access to them if you mess up too often. However, the involvement in a homicide would include the person committing homicide. If someone robs you and you have no weapon you might pick up a rock and hit them in the head, they lived so it’s not homicide. If you had a gun and shot them in the head, they died so it’s a homicide.

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I know you’re joking but that doesn’t even apply when it’s a stolen firearm that isn’t even allowed to be in circulation. Only people allowed to own an uzi LEGALLY have to go through tons of background checks and money just to be able to purchase the Dead pancreas society shirt, not to mention the exorbitant cost of an Uzi. It so happens that we’re reading stories about shootings. I fully expect these kinds of people also leave sharp knives hanging off the edge of counters, noxious cleaning chemicals in unsecured cabinets, and virtually carpet their floors in choking hazards.

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I don’t have strong views on either side of the gun debate, but this argument has always been laughable to me. “Cars kill people, why not ban them?!” Cars enable our society to work. They transport people and Trending shirt, without which many more people would die than do in car crashes. Guns exist solely for the express purpose of killing. Your argument is akin to arguing in favor of nuclear weapons because heart disease kills more people a year. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. And cars have a TON of regulation around them. And a segment of law enforcement whose primary job is to enforce the safety of our roads.


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