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Alternatively, I can see this movie being a total flop. Just from this Dabbing halloween skeleton zombie shirt alone, we are seeing too much of Michael. Part of what made the original so creepy was that he often popped up out of nowhere. You never saw him walking around and had no idea when he would appear. In this trailer you literally see him walking everywhere lol you know where he’s going and what he’s doing which is not very scary imo. Not to mention that long tracking one-shot was shown at CinemaCon and the reactions from it were amazing. Apparently, it’s really terrifying, and I’m surprised they actually showed the little bits we got to see of it here. It should be a kick-ass scene!

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Isn’t this the logical next Dabbing halloween skeleton zombie shirt then? Rather than show MORE of him outright show more of him through showing where he’s hiding when he’s traditionally off the screen. Show his cold machine-like movements as he commits awful heinous things as casually as you’d let your dog out to piss. Do more of the same and you risk stagnancy, do something too different and out of character and it’s tacky, do a little of the same but with a twist? It seems like the smart move.

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Another thing to consider is in the 80s tech wasn’t as advanced. It was easier to scare, the whole cell phones becoming an increasingly large plot hole in horrors is a huge red flag of the phenomenon. Nowadays people have cell phones, alarm systems, house cameras, dash cams, go pros, automated lights, Hell there’s been automated Dabbing halloween skeleton zombie shirt and such. Showing Michael unbothered by these things and showing him maneuvering smoothly and coolly through this modern “safe” world reinstates that fear.

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It’s a subtle exposition way of showing the Trending shirt “we’ve changed but it’s not enough to stop him.” And that idea reinforces the whole arc it seems Danny is taking Jamie’s character on. She’s been training and waiting and pining for vengeance but will it be enough? I’m so pumped. I’ve heard the scene where he goes house to house that was partially shown in the trailer is pretty damn terrifying. I was also there and I was so captivated by that scene. I was already looking forward to this movie but that scene really got me pumped. Looking forward to what else they have up their sleeves.


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