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We weren’t supposed to burn anything after dark, but it was never once enforced that I saw Cute cat shirt. A deputy once explained to me that was a way to charge you for something that was a lower charge than arson if something got out of control and the fire department was needed (because then you need documents filed or some such). Though for this guy I’d take whatever he said with a few grains of salt, lol. Well, my little brother had a full-on breakdown because he wanted to swing, we had a swing, it was in front of him.

Cute cat shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Cute cat tank top
Tank top
Cute cat ladies tee
Ladies tee

He wanted for it to swing only in one direction (as in only to be on one side of the swing when swinging, not going backward). I had to explain to him it isn’t possible, we can’t do that Cute cat shirt. Our mower was serviced. The guy came and picked up the mower and was to drop it off afterward. My son cried for 30 minutes solid then off and on every 5 to 15 minutes until he dropped it back off. I tried explaining that he was only fixing the mower and would bring it right back to him.

Cute cat hoodie and sweater 

Cute cat sweater
Cute cat hoodie

My sobbing almost 3-year-old would reply, while wiping his tears, “okay. I’m okay. It’s okay”. One of my Cute cat shirthad a full on meltdown because she hadn’t eaten her ice cream yet. Not that she COULDN’T eat it. She could. It was right in front of her; it was her dessert. But the fact that she had to go through the process of eating the ice cream in order to get the end point of having eaten the ice cream (and being happy) seemed intolerable to her.


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