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I mean, how do you put a price tag on how much damage I caused when I botched your Cowboysman Aquaman Shirt surgery and now you can’t walk again? (Answer: there’s a formula for this kind of stuff, weirdly). Punitive get funky because the entire point of them is to punish a defendant and attempt to reform them by causing (ideally) devastating financial damage to the wronging party. Those are the weird cases where you see someone get slapped for $1mm compensatory and then $800mm in punitive damages.

Cowboysman Aquaman Shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Cowboysman Aquaman tank top
Tank top
Cowboysman Aquaman ladies tee
Ladies tee

That oddly doesn’t usually enter into the calculus, that’s a problem for a collections firm to deal with Cowboysman Aquaman Shirt and they’d generally sell debt of that amount or collect as much as possible (or both). If I owe you $20 and I can’t pay you $20 that doesn’t mean the system instead decides to levy a fee I can pay. This is why you’ll find a lot of big judgments are totally unrecoverable and for the show in some cases and it’s more sensible to settle a big case for a sensible number the defendant can pay so you can get at least $1 out of me to get back to restoring your flat.

Cowboysman Aquaman hoodie and sweater 

Cowboysman Aquaman sweater
Cowboysman Aquaman hoodie

This comment will probably get buried but it seems like there is some Cowboysman Aquaman Shirt here. The sub was not diving when this happened. It was docked in port. This means that it’s not unusual for hatches to be open. It also means that it’s likely that most of the crew wasn’t onboard to stop the flooding once it started. Water levels can rise and submarine hatches are not very high up.


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