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I love the touch that he just ignores the children who run into him while trick  Corgi dog halloween shirt. It makes me think of the fucking creepy and famous head tilt from the first film. Michael is still a completely fucked up child at heart. Fairly high. But, if this movie does well, then a lot more people will take McBride more seriously as a writer. A full-on slasher revival, and also a true revival of Michael Myers. Hell if it does well, then I’m sure he can do Jason Voorhees justice or Freddy Krueger. It’s the start of the Blumhouse revival of 80’s horror icons. End their films correctly, and create the new horror icons.

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I gotta admit, the name Danny McBride was immediately what I latched onto with this. I was like, “THE Danny Corgi dog halloween shirt? That guy with the crazy hair who always plays an asshole in Seth Rogen comedies? The guy from The Foot Fist Way?” Between him doing this and having a serious role in Alien Covenant, it’s a huge 180 on his career. Or maybe he got tired of being typecast as the asshole you root for something bad happening to in comedies. It’s awesome because they seem so good at it, but who would have thought that one day producers would be saying, “Hey, I got a horror script from one of the Key & Peele guys… this looks like Oscar material”?

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Comedy and horror are – from a structural standpoint – extremely similar in their writing. They both rely more on timing than the actual content. A well-timed out moment of suspense led to a scare-climax can almost visually be compared exactly to a well-timed out joke leading to a Corgi dog halloween shirt. Not to say every comedian would be amazing at horror or every horror writer could write a gut-busting comedy – but the skills are definitely somewhat interchangeable.

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Corgi dog halloween sweater
Corgi dog halloween hoodie

Honestly, I think it was more of him getting tired of possibly not being taking seriously or just even himself being an artist and wanting to branch out to different things within the Trending shirt. Either way, I’ve always liked McBride as an actor, he has pretty great screen presence and not to mention his writing is fairly solid. I’ve been excited since the announcement of McBride writing the Halloween reboot, the dude’s interviews in regard to horror are really genuine and he gets it, man.


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