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This kitty is super floofy in its rear end area, and I didn’t want to go digging around a possibly diseased cat’s sensitive spots because I have indoor Colorful halloween party shirt, so we were unsure if it was a girl or a boy. I’ve been posting regularly on my personal Facebook about the cat, who is a particularly stunning specimen of feline. All of our friends kept asking about gender. My birthday fell on the day it had surgery. We had the cat fixed, microchipped, tested, vaccinated, literally everything we could do. That happened on a weekday, and I wanted to give Floof (temporary name, maybe) time to recover from anesthesia and the procedure.

Colorful halloween party shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Colorful halloween party ladies tee
Ladies tee
Colorful halloween party tank top
Tank top

I decided that since I was going to have friends over for some birthday wine and cake that weekend anyway, why not be ridiculous and get a gender reveal cake?! We can celebrate the cat being healthy and spayed/neutered and I’m happy to share my birthday with cats anytime! I posted the gender reveal cake on a cat meme/picture Colorful halloween party shirt group the next day, and now I’m a cishet who doesn’t understand how damaging gender reveal cakes are to trans people.

Colorful halloween party hoodie and sweater 

Colorful halloween party hoodie
Colorful halloween party sweater

I’ve enforced gender roles that are insulting to the transgender population. My post has almost 10k likes/hates. I’ve apparently made the Colorful halloween party shirt community uncomfortable, completely unintentionally, by trying to be funny on my birthday. In reality, I was just doing it because I thought it would be funny to tell all of my friends that our cat had balls (there were blue balls in the cake; see picture).


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