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The same can mostly be said about Iran. While the government is more religious than the Chinese fire dragon shirt. The country today is far more educated and liberal than it used 60% of women are in college or finished, compared to 4% under the Shah. More than half of Iran is considered middle class, compared to less than 10% in 1975. Life Expectancy has gone from 51 to 76. Of course, the government is authoritarian and religious, but it was extremely authoritarian in other ways before as well.

Chinese fire dragon shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Chinese fire dragon ladies tee
Ladies tee
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The whole entire idea that Iran and Afghanistan and Iraq etc were some developed modern countries before the 1990s seriously, seriously needs to stop being touted Chinese fire dragon shirt. A set of hand-selected photos don’t depict Afghanistan as a whole that correct but you’re missing out on the massive development efforts initiated almost a century ago that went on for decades. Amanullah Khan.

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Chinese fire dragon hoodie
Chinese fire dragon sweater

Afghanistan had begun a massive modernization of the country in the 30s to model Western Europe in a sense. Every village modernized overnight and I agree the Chinese fire dragon shirt can’t extend your reach across a vast and diverse country rapidly. It takes time, patience, and strategical policies to educate and influence far-reaching people who have lived a certain way for centuried, but the 99% religious law claim is not accurate nor is it “better” overall.


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