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This is the situation with my girlfriend’s mom. Her husband treats her like a dumb child and has a habit of yanking her around by the arm if she’s not moving fast enough. Her daughter, my girlfriend’s sister, treats her like a Chillin with my witches shirt and shouts at her when she doesn’t do exactly what she’s asked to do right away. It’s pretty disgusting but they don’t outright abuse her so there’s not a lot that can be done.

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Chillin with my witches ladies tee
Ladies tee
Chillin with my witches tank top
Tank top

She had a chunk of her frontal lobe cut out twenty years ago and just doesn’t operate at full Chillin with my witches shirt. It’s sad because out of everyone who dislikes the situation I’m sure it’s absolutely the hardest for HER, being trapped in her half-working mind. She used to be a teacher. She had things she enjoyed. Now they sit her in front of the TV all day and change her diapers when she wets herself. My girlfriend and I do stuff with her to help make up for her terrible life a little and I really think she does enjoy put putting or getting ice cream or whatever other small things we are able to do.

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Chillin with my witches woman hoodie
Woman hoodie
Chillin with my witches long sleeve
Long sleeve

This makes me so sad. I hate when people treat disabled people like that. I’m not sure what your MIL’s Chillin with my witches shirt is, but my niece also has frontal lobe damage. Hers hasn’t been removed, but most of it is dead. Happened due to an infection when she was young. What’s saddest to me is that she knows she’s not the same as she used to be. You can see the frustration, the sadness, the confusion when she can’t do things she normally would. She can speak and communicate but she often forgets words and doesn’t quite know how to communicate what she’s feeling to others. She gets frustrated with herself and will often put herself in the head and say “stupid fuzzy brain”. It breaks my heart every time

Chillin with my witches shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Chillin with my witches sweater
Chillin with my witches hoodie

Happened when she was 6. People in her life have stepped up for the most part. Her parents weren’t really the best equipped for this sort of life change, but they’ve handled it well and are doing the best they can. Her parents are not together so it makes things a little harder, but she is happy, and that’s the most important Trending shirt. She is now going to school every day after a few years of not being able to. That’s been a really positive change for her I think.


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