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If they have a mom & dad that is what they start with if they have two dads that is where they start. As they see more of the world they build on that you build on that and explain and help them understand. Making them a blank slate of gender, sexuality, and everything is a grand Cemetery happy halloween shirt but the reality is that just keeps them from learning. I think you let them know they have to define this for themselves but that for now, many people perceive them this way, but that it is more than ok to be different than perceived and to let people know that. Then tell them you love them, accept them, and will perceive them as the request. It is all about acceptance and understanding the world in context.

Cemetery happy halloween shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Cemetery happy halloween ladies tee
Ladies tee
Cemetery happy halloween tank top
Tank top

MAO no no no. Testicles aren’t balloons that deflate. He still has his scrotum but his testicles are gone gone gone lol. The Cemetery happy halloween shirt of an animal is much different than human vasectomy. Testicles produce sex hormones. You have to remove them or the cat will still spray and try to mate. That’s why getting cats neutered changes their behavior so they’re more domesticated. Human vasectomies leave the testicles so the patient still produces testosterone. You didn’t hurt anyone. they are professionals at being offended.

Cemetery happy halloween hoodie and sweater 

Cemetery happy halloween hoodie
Cemetery happy halloween sweater

You can say “Cemetery happy halloween shirt” and they will turn it into how you’re a racist because only white rich people can afford to have a good looking lawn and you’re insulting POC who can’t afford to live in a decent area with good lawns. They are all so racist and hypocritical it’s disgusting. My friends have been following my journey to tame a feral cat that emerged from under my shed back in December. Thankfully I live in Florida (pretty sure that’s a sentence never uttered before), so the cat stayed warm during the winter due to the blankets and beds my husband and I put out near its preferred home. We also bought a huge canopy to keep it dry and fed it regularly.


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