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A kid I was babysitting once walked up to me and asked to be on time out. I told him he wasn’t in trouble, but if he wanted to go sit in his room that was fine. He goes into his room and started throwing a Cat Spirit Animal shirt. When asked why he responded by saying he didn’t want to be on time out. I knew a girl that got drunk and ate about a pound or “Pup corn”. In her defense, it looked like cheese poofs, but when I woke up the next morning, I informed her what she had done, she was so humiliated. This girl was always lecturing people about eating healthy.

Cat Spirit Animal shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Cat Spirit Animal tank top
Tank top
Cat Spirit Animal ladies tee
Ladies tee

I was missing some crayons from my kids’ coloring box. Found out what happened to them when I changed my son’s nappy and he had produced a perfectly formed red-and-black striped turd. My daughter cried because she couldn’t wear her red shoes. My wife gave in and put them on her. My Cat Spirit Animal shirt then threw an absolute fit because she was wearing red shoes. My wife just told me that during tonight’s bedtime routine our daughter asked whether our dog has a middle name.

Cat Spirit Animal hoodie and sweater 

Cat Spirit Animal sweater
Cat Spirit Animal hoodie

My wife told her that she wasn’t sure and that my Cat Spirit Animal shirt should ask me in the morning. Not sure what my answer should be. My best option may be to distract her by painting the house purple. My niece is like 2yrs old and I picked up in her little rocking thing and “flew her” around the room last weekend. She definitely enjoyed because she kept looking at me and yelling “up.” I made that horse fly around until my arms couldn’t handle it anymore.


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