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I put my kid on the cat tree because he asked for it and that was a huge Cat cliparts shirt. He wanted up on the cat tree at every opportunity, especially the minute I got home from work. Took a week to break him of that, but he sure wasn’t happy that entire week. He threw a toy car in my general direction and I took the car away and told him sternly that we don’t throw our toys at people. He got upset and cried, as toddlers do. But he’s a cuddly one, and when he’s upset, he likes to be held. But I was the one who made him upset, so he didn’t want me.

Cat cliparts shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Cat cliparts tank top
Tank top
Cat cliparts ladies tee
Ladies tee

But he was upset and he wanted to be held but didn’t want to be held by me because I made him upset. But he was upset Cat cliparts shirt. I don’t have a toddler of my own, but I am a preschool teacher and I had a kid have a breakdown because they didn’t want to use toilet paper. I gave them the next thing we had baby wipes. Another breakdown began because they didn’t want baby wipes since they are for babies. He ended up throwing shit and chairs. My son loves dinosaurs. Talks about them all the time, watch nothing but dinosaur stuff on YouTube. Put a toy dinosaur in front of him though and he freaks the fuck out. He’s a little over two and so I figured it was safe to show him my Amiibo collection.

Cat cliparts hoodie and sweater

Cat cliparts sweater
Cat cliparts hoodie

He was amazed by Mario, Luigi, Peach, Pikachu, Donkey Kong. We get to Yoshi and he becomes terrified, starts crying, tries to run away. My Cat cliparts shirt, known for being a perfect child (no disobedience, no temper tantrums, no crying fits of any sort) was having what could only be described as a perfect potty training experience. No accidents at all. It’s all fitting as she is the daughter of my perfect sister. While helping my parents watch her one weekend, I heard this horrible shrieking from the bathroom, like a banshee’s wail. I run to the other end of the house to find her on the toilet, crying giant tears and in a full panic.


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