Burning skull on black shirt

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Start out making a horrifyingly pale Bosmer with shiny blue hair. Get through the tutorial and get treated to this expansive world that I’m free to explore. Immediately get contacted by Dark brotherhood and given the first contract to test my worth – find a man at Inn of Ill Omen and kill Burning skull on black shirt. They woke me up to play Wii sports and that other arcade one that came with it. My older sister was at a friends house that night, and she was mad she missed out.

Burning skull on black shirt, tank top and youth tee

Burning skull on black ladies tee
Ladies tee
Burning skull on black tank top
Tank top

I make my way through the forest trying to find the inn but stumble upon an ogre. I panic, not knowing that monsters scale to your level and I can prolly take him, so I run away. I come across an inn, the one I’m looking for I think, and I duck inside to hide. But the ogre follows me in. It systematically slaughters 4 people before being taken down by the Burning skull on black shirt. The two exchange fatal blows.

Burning skull on black hoodie and sweater

Burning skull on black hoodie
Burning skull on black sweater

I stand alone around multiple corpses, looting them for goodies, and have a sudden realization. All of this Burning skull on black shirt, and I’m not even at the right location. Sad. Luckily, the Inn of Ill Omens is really close by, so I continue my mission. I assassinate the man, and kill the imperial guard/ranger at the Inn and steal his silver bow and steel arrows. My parents drove out somewhere in the middle of the night a day or two later with a lead on a carrier, and she managed to get one somehow.


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