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Financial stability is the only thing holding mainland China together. It is one of the reasons the Chinese government inflates growth numbers. If the bank run spreads to the mainland and triggers any sort of economic Brooms are for amateues shirt. The Chinese government will be in deep shit. Just a couple of years ago the Chinese government stepped in and shut down the stock market a couple of days and limited trading due to a fairly minimal drop in market value across the board. The Chinese government knows if the economy does not keep growing they are not going to be able to keep the population under control.

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Tank top

Organizing it has always been the tricky part, but if Lithuania, Estonia, et all can organize 2 million people holding hands across 3 borders using only the radio (insulting of me to forget the 3rd nation- please forgive my Brooms are for amateues shirt) then in this day and age organization should be even easier. I suppose motivation and mobilization are the trickier parts of that soup. That was exactly Gandhi’s strategy. Civil disobedience, non-co-operation movement. He urged people to not pay taxes to the British that was unfair and millions obliged. All these done peacefully, with people even lining up to go to jail. Boy, the British hated him.

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Just like in crime investigation TV shows: always follow the money trail. It works the same in civil protests and leveraging the government. In HK’s situation. As an important international financial center, HK citizens can do so much damage buy stirring up the Brooms are for amateues shirt pot. Basically how India won its independence. Be so fucking unprofitable that they have to come to terms with you. It’s basically capital guerrilla warfare. Just wait until the Chinese Gulag is implemented and people are only allowed to choose between working for money or working under duress.

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Brooms are for amateues sweater
Brooms are for amateues hoodie

Shenzhen is more of a production-capital and Shanghai isn’t nearly as attractive to other Trending shirt as Singapore is: due to geography, the fact that it has a much more niche market (real estate, etc.), but mainly the fact that almost all the SE Asian countries trust and like Singapore much more than they do China. It may come as a surprise to the CCP that there are downsides to bullying your neighbors. Some of the ideas are that if they make themselves truly worthless to China, China will lose the incentive to invest resources into reestablishing control.


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