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I’m fairly certain in the first one he’s just like, “horror movie strong”, and not supernaturally strong (if that even makes sense, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the first Boo Boo crew shirt). It isn’t until later movies that he survives like really ludicrous stuff and those aren’t canon for this one. I just watched it. He breaks a car window by pressing with his hand, holds a teenager up with one hand, survives multiple gunshots, stabbings, and a fall. Then Jamie Lloyd kills her with scissors, gets trapped in a circle of magic rocks, and gets killed by Busta Rhymes before it is revealed it was a paramedic disguised as Jamie.

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The movie is so incredibly dated. The fact that it was successful is a testament to just how much has changed and how desensitized we’ve become. I look forward to seeing how the new one handles attempting to scare Boo Boo crew shirt. Gore, suspense, implied violence. They gotta ramp something up and I think Rob Zombie already handled the gore route. This isn’t another “Michael going after Laurie for revenge” movie. It’s following the storyline and character motivation of the original film, which is simply Michael Myers murdering random people on Halloween night.

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Michael went specifically looking for Laurie to get revenge in Halloween H20 after she went into hiding for 20 years because she was severely terrified of him, now the writers have retconned that movie and turned that storyline completely upside down by having a hard as nails, paranoid Laurie who actually wants Michael to escape so she can kill him off for Boo Boo crew shirt. And to make it as different as possible from H20 it would be a really smart choice to have Michael escape just so he can come home to kill on his favorite night of the year, then once Laurie hears about the escape she becomes the one that starts the pursuit, so now Laurie is the one hunting Michael and not the other way around.

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The thing is, he is not after Laurie in this movie. They have erased the Trending shirt so Michael is back to what he was in the first film = a mindless killing machine. This is why you see the long shot of him just randomly going into people’s houses and killing them. In this film, it’s more like Laurie is after him because she knew he would be back one day.


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