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No matter what anyone believes mentally, they were genetically born one of the two Bat happy halloween party shirt. Everyone’s free to believe and feel whatever gender they want. I don’t care. And they’re also free to spend thousands becoming another sex. Still, don’t care. Be both, I don’t care. But for god sakes, why can’t we all just get along and stop pushing this gender neutral crap on everyone and on the animals? ANIMALS. Why does OP get bashed for a silly joke? Why is OP now the Antichrist to these people? Ffs. This is almost as bad as force-feeding dogs and cats fully vegan diets. Wait – so are you saying you consider yourself as being the inconsiderate one?

Bat happy halloween party shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Bat happy halloween party ladies tee
Ladies tee
Bat happy halloween party tank top
Tank top

How about people being so butt hurt over every single stupid think being the inconsiderate thing?! I think this is absolutely hilarious and I would love it if a friend threw a party like that. So let’s ignore everything else that you do “right” to support Bat happy halloween party shirt community and tear apart the thing that was done totally innocently in good fun? I’ll get this out of the way and say I’m rather fond of horror movies. Particularly anything James Wan-directed personally. Unfortunately The Nun and La Llorona were just utterly terrible with the reliance on jump scares alone. Which is a shame because the setting for both seem eerie enough.

Bat happy halloween party hoodie and sweater 

Bat happy halloween party hoodie
Bat happy halloween party sweater

I didn’t walk into the movie thinking it would be a good Bat happy halloween party shirt, but I figured it would at least be an adequate scary movie. Boy was I wrong. Yeah, it’s weird. It’s like a million little microcosms. Hopefully your commute is short and you are close to the ocean, but beyond that, it’s not very appealing. Luckily when I lived there I lived in San Pedro and tried to never travel more than 4 miles inland. Now I live in the bay and it has some similar problems, but at any point I can head uphill and into the Santa Cruz mountains or grab a train into whatever city I need to go to.


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