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Oh hell yes. What stood out in Mexico City was the literal bags of trash I saw piled up on sidewalks, in parks, on the Bat ghost headstone RIP shirt, wherever, that blew me away. At least in LA, it’s in little pockets here and there. Can we talk about the homeless problem in San Diego? Holy shit how have steps not been taken to help these poor people? I went to San Diego to watch my bro graduate(can’t think of a more proper word) from Marine Boot Camp. The number of homeless people was insane.

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Bat ghost headstone RIP ladies tee
Ladies tee
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I’m from Chicago and it definitely wasn’t as bad as San Diego. I also watched a naked Bat ghost headstone RIP shirt man holding a wrench charge at a random, happy couple in a pothole stricken Burger King parking lot. Seeing that was probably the highlight of my life. Having lived in both downtown San Diego and Chicago, I would take the insane number of homeless in local over the aggressive homeless in Chi-town every single time.

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Bat ghost headstone RIP hoodie
Bat ghost headstone RIP sweater

The big difference between a gathering of homeless people outside a kitchen or in Balboa Park minding their own business, and being told: “give me some Bat ghost headstone RIP shirt” at Central station by somebody up in your face a dozen times before you make your connection. It doesn’t help that the city keeps kicking the homeless in San Diego out of the areas they tend to stay in (such as around the library downtown). Sadly, a lot of steps and have been taken to help them and they have available resources, but many of them prefer/are more comfortable living on the street, especially in a “warm” city.


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