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He’s weaponized liberalism on companies and screws them over. Trump is such a fucking idiot. Closing the legal border won’t stop Baby is coming shirt border crossings. We still have to take applications for asylum. All this will do is further wreck the economy and drive food prices even higher. Does that fucking moron not understand our own bread basket is under water and half of our fruit production got burned down?

Baby is coming shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Baby is coming ladies tee
Ladies tee
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Long sleeve

He’s taking away health insurance for $20 million people and building his dumb ass wall from military pensions. I don’t believe people still support this Baby is coming shirt. Apart from the avocado bit, I just read the US-Mexico trade was about 500 billion USD in 2017, hopefully, this happens, hits the US economy hard and a lot of the retards who voted for this idiot get severely affected.

Baby is coming hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Baby is coming sweater
Baby is coming hoodie

They need to start feeling the consequences for their stupid Baby is coming shirt. It’s such a trump move to try and solve an issue with a drastic move that does nothing to fix said issue but instead hurts business and just pisses people off.


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