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My nephew is four, his latest thing has been his “pooping corner.” He has been poppy trained for Baby cat face shirt now, like 1.5 years? He has decided that he doesn’t like the bathroom anymore for pooping. But peeing is fine, I don’t know kids are silly. He will go into the hallway and will poop there. He will squat down and just start pooping. But if you walk in on him pooping or watch him from the living room, he will hold out his hand to block you from seeing him. This doesn’t really work when your 20ft away.

Baby cat face shirt, tank top and youth tee 

Baby cat face tank top
Tank top
Baby cat face ladies tee
Ladies tee

If you watch him he will throw himself on the ground and start crying while pooping. He will only do that at home, he has no problem using the Baby cat face shirt anywhere else. Another one would be that I gave her milk but the cup was freshly washed. I didn’t think a few drops of water on the side were going to cause trouble. Nope. She screamed and cried because she got a DROP OF WATER on her hand and didn’t want to wipe it on her shirt. Every time it’s bath time my 3 yo cries and screams that the water is too hot and she wants it cold. This starts as soon as she goes into the bathroom and before she even touches the water.

Baby cat face hoodie and sweater 

Baby cat face sweater
Baby cat face hoodie

After about 2 months of her crying about the water being too hot, I finally gave her a cool bath and within 30 seconds of her being in the tube she said: “well maybe I want a little warm water”. No complaints since about her water being too hot. My Baby cat face shirt went to the bathroom to pee and came out 30 seconds or so later crying. Why? She had been bored sitting on the toilet waiting for all the pee to come out and it occurred to her that she had a whole life of being bored sitting on the toilet for 30-second increments while waiting for all the pee to come out.


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