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It’s not very visible anymore. When I was in Kindergarten, I found out what a world record was, so I tried to be the first every Kindergartener to do a front flip into a bathtub. Now, I’ve never even done a front Art Teachers Love Brains shirt, I was basing everything from my form to my execution of it on Power Rangers. So, it went about as good as you thought it would go: I jumped, face first (no tuck, roll, anything) into the sharp corner of the bathtub and busted my chin open. My twin sister was just standing there screaming and so was I, blood was everywhere, and when my mom came in she looked horrified. Got my chin glued back together pretty much because I refused to get stitches or get it cauterized because they both sounded super painful.

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Art Teachers Love Brains ladies tee
Ladies tee
Art Teachers Love Brains tank top
Tank top

I wanted to bike down a big hill and didn’t realize yet that little sisters will follow big sisters everywhere, no matter how scary. Down I go, and she follows. On rollerblades. She hit the uneven pavement at the bottom and face planted. There was instantly blood everywhere and she also broke her arm. Then I found it was just her Art Teachers Love Brains shirt, got hysterical laughs, and went to get my mom. Obviously her arm hurt a lot and looked wrong so she was focused on that. I was worried she was bleeding everywhere and was focused on that. We were both too focused to redirect our focus. But yah turns out China chins bleed a lot.

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Art Teachers Love Brains long sleeve
Long sleeve
Art Teachers Love Brains woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

I have almost the exact same story. When I was 6 I followed my older brother down a very steep hill on a bike. I lost control somehow and went head first over the handlebars, slid the rest of the way down on my Art Teachers Love Brains shirt. Blood everywhere, broken nose, which is still kinda crooked almost 40 years later, my lip had to be sewn back together, and 2nd-degree burns on both knees which I still have scars for.

Art Teachers Love Brains shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

Art Teachers Love Brains sweater
Art Teachers Love Brains hoodie

My best friend and I did gymnastics when we were younger and her parents got her a pull-up bar for her doorway. Well, we never used it for actual pull-ups… but one day she was swinging on it and it came down. With her Trending shirt, she went flying forward and busted under her chin on a door handle. It’s supposed to be chins! My phone keeps autocorrecting it. China is on my phone apparently.


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