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I’ve split mine open twice. The first time was at like 1.5 or 2 years old on the edge of a rocking All Teachers Love Brains shirt. The second time I was ice skating in Central Park with my family, I had stopped off to the side with my brother to chat with our mom and tripped on my brother’s skates as we went back out to continue skating. I hit the ice chin first and gashed it open. My mom refused to take me to an ER in NYC, so I had to wait while we drove home to New Jersey before I could go to the doctor. I broke my arm thinking I can perform a flawless triple toe loop/double axel ice skating. I was 11 and never skated before.

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All Teachers Love Brains ladies tee
Ladies tee
All Teachers Love Brains tank top
Tank top

My best friend followed me on my blades when I was on my bike. She hit rocks and went tumbling. She busted her face and elbow and hips. We went to the ER and they did stitches and Xrays. Turns out she had an egg-sized hole in her upper arm All Teachers Love Brains shirt. She was very lucky to not have snapped her arm due to that. I guess they took care of it through later surgery. This was 15 years ago and her hips are still scarred. When I was nine I followed my big sister down the gravel hill, both on our bikes. Except I was wearing sandals (never riding in sandals again). One slipped off and I lost control, flipping over the handlebars and faceplanting into the gravel.

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All Teachers Love Brains long sleeve
Long sleeve
All Teachers Love Brains woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Five forehead stitches (I wasn’t wearing a helmet and was lucky that’s all I needed), and a complete break to my All Teachers Love Brains shirt. There was a ton of blood and lots of screaming. When I was younger my family and I were returning to our cabin after a hike when a kid bombed down the main gravel trail on his bike. He was unsuccessful, and since we were there, his family asked if we wouldn’t mind help looking for his teeth.

All Teachers Love Brains shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

All Teachers Love Brains sweater
All Teachers Love Brains hoodie

I was on a Fusion scooter (the board rotated on the y-axis kind of like a skateboard) and followed my big sister (she was on a bike) down a hill. At the bottom of the hill was a turn and since the Fusion didn’t have a brake like the Razor I, brilliantly, thought to use my foot as a Trending shirt. I put my foot down and promptly hit the pavement and slid on my hands for a few feet. The bottoms of my palms are still scarred. Task failed successfully.


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