1st grade Boo crew shirt


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She hit those rocks full force, went rolling across them and knocked herself out. I was absolutely hysterical and I have no idea to this day how I got this girl back up the hill, but I did. Then I took her to a friend’s house where her mom called my dad, who made me rollerblade home while he took my sister. Then I had to scrub the grit out of her back in the 1st grade Boo crew shirt, and when she got out, she had a huge opening in her hand (you could see the tendons) and he made her scrub it herself with a toothbrush to get everything out. No stitches (which she clearly needed). Just a band-aid.

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1st grade Boo crew ladies tee
Ladies tee
1st grade Boo crew tank top
Tank top

Was at the age where older bro and I were still bathed together occasionally. Dad sent mum to a hotel for the night for the birthday/mothers day for a well deserved night off since he was often gone to the 1st grade Boo crew shirt (Navy). Bro wouldn’t share a toy so I stood up to grab one from the basket off the back of the toilet while dad’s back was turned for like 5 seconds. Slipped, busted chin open and had to get several stitches. Busted it again in 6th grade after blacking out while walking to the lunch line. Tiniest of gaps between the two scars.

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1st grade Boo crew long sleeve
Long sleeve
1st grade Boo crew woman hoodie
Woman hoodie

Because the break showed twisting, CPS got called when we got to the 1st grade Boo crew shirt… they separated me from my parents and my brother, and I told the story.. the doctor was old as fuck and genuinely did not believe that’s what happened, until the cop showed up, who also had a son who was obsessed with the Red Power Ranger too and knew exactly what move he was trying to do. It was North Carolina. However, I was about 4 or 5 and someone mentioned burning something so my mind immediately went to cauterization when I grew up and remembered.

1st grade Boo crew shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve affordable price

1st grade Boo crew sweater
1st grade Boo crew hoodie

I also have a Power Rangers-related scar. I was running on the playground with some kids pretending to be a Power Ranger, got tangled in someone’s feet, and fell face-first into a railroad tie that separated the woodchips of the playground from the Trending shirt of the bus parking lot. A spike went through my face just above my upper lip and messed up some teeth. I had to have plastic surgery, but there’s still clearly a scar that my facial hair grows over.


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